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Distance Learning For Childcare Courses: Advantage And Disadvantages

February 15th, 2021

A huge impact on education or academic industry that has been embraced for every teacher and student today due to COVID19 Pandemic. The face to face education is shifted to distance learning through online for several courses like Childcare courses. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to online childcare courses which we will be listing down.


- Childcare employers only recognize a childcare qualification through distance learning if there is accreditation. In fact, they acknowledge the extra passion and skills required to complete a childcare course without any assistance.

- Anyone can schedule their class that suits their personal life. A very great deal for those who have personal commitments on specific days like being a parent and yet wanting to learn more about childcare.

- Same with the latter, you can complete classes at your own chosen time that are ‘asynchronous’, so you don’t have to participate during that lecture any time at any place. Most courses assign you a childcare mentor to assist you with your childcare course studies. They serve as your personal expert in childcare.

- Recently, most of the schools shifted and providing affordable online short certificate courses that offer a childcare course – which is ideal for those ‘testing the water’ before they decide to a long-term course that needs their full commitment such as an advanced degree in Childcare.

- Childcare assignments based on curriculum are designed to maximize the student’s skills and understanding of childcare. You can start with a component certificate and then level up to childcare modules in your chosen time.
Some colleges have student groups, which means you are not separated as a student of Childcare.


- Due to the nature of childcare courses – theory and practical – distance learning could be an obstacle since practical can be experienced if there is an actual job.

- Distance learning will lessen the opportunity for students to experience actual and seeing the materials used not until they start to experience working as a Childcare.

- Childcare course students have to wait for work experience to put into practice the activities and skills studied and learned through distance learning.

- Distance learning in the area of childcare course doesn’t allow a physical interaction on childcare related topics like childcare empowerment.

These are a few of the advantages and disadvantages that we observe right now with the changes in our Education due to this pandemic. We might need to understand distance learning as to when, where, and how you want it. With our lifestyle and embracing the new normal, it is ideal to become qualified in the Childcare industry whether for career growth or personal reasons.